GSoC’21 CHAOSS — Week 3

My week 3 was a lot about bugs, but before getting into the bugs I would brief about my work from week 1 and 2 so that it gets you in the flow. In my Week 1 as I mentioned in my first blog, it started by extending the current Deps Worker to collect OSSF- Scorecard data. By the end of the week 1, it was working for me and my week 2 was about making it work for everyone.

In my week 2 most of the issues were resolved yet there was one particular about setting the environment variables for scorecard that remained unsolved. So setting the environment variables is not a big deal, there are couple of ways to do it but getting the GitHub key from the config file was a deal. It took me a while to understand how to get it and use it in my Deps Worker Class. All the individual worker classes has a base Worker parent class which handles getting the key from the config file, it was that simple.

I added the script to set the variables in the format required by the scorecard with a check that if it is not already present in the current environment. For sure this has some tradeoffs but seems like the best way out there currently. I also realised that for someone who is running multiple Augur instances or wants to rebuild Augur again would have a Scorecard repo already in the specified directory. This is handled now, Scorecard would not be cloned every time we build Augur.

What about the fun part — The bugs?

Well yes , despite doing all this, we have a bug. When I stared the augur backend, I realised that my database table is still not getting populated. I looked for the log file and I could not find it anywhere. This means that our deps worker is not generating any logs. I looked if any environment variable is getting set but it did not exist. Even if we have something wrong with my Scorecard function, it should have generated the variable and logs. This implies that Deps Worker was not running at all. This was a blocking issue, it seems I might have missed some small step somewhere. I am hopeful that it would get resolved this week and I can finally make a complete pull request.

What Next ?

After getting the scorecard done, our plan is to start implementing OSS-FUZZ or Libyear based on the discussion I would have with my mentor this week. Both come with their own set of challenges but this is what make the project more interesting :). So this was my week 3 of Google Summer of Code at CHAOSS. A lot was not accomplished as planned for this week but I am hopeful that we can cover it up!

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